Maintenance Training

We are adding new Maintenance Technicians to the resource pool

The Phoenix Staffing is excited to announce the joint venture partnership with NTI National Technical Institute ( ) in Las Vegas and Phoenix in the recruiting and training of new Apartment Make Ready Maintenance Technicians.

‘The Phoenix Staffing Recruits the Talent and NTI Makes them Talented!’

The Phoenix Staffing will actively recruit candidates from industries outside of the apartment industry.    We will attract candidates who show the ability and aptitude to use their talent as a trained apartment Make Ready Technician.  With the support of our clients, we will invite candidates to complete the 36 hour NTI Apartment Make Ready Technician program and place candidates with our clients in paid internships.  When the employee completes the program and works in the internship for 300 hours, they will have  had their tuition reimbursed by The Phoenix Staffing.

NTI has developed the hands on education program created by experienced industry professionals and collaborative input from top management companies.  There is a huge need for maintenance technicians and this is a new innovative plan to add fresh talent to the apartment industry.


Our candidates will learn how to turn an apartment home from recently vacant to ‘move in ready’!

Students will be trained and prepared in 36 hours (one week) with a hybrid learning platform consisting of both classroom and hands on education in built out apartment model labs.

• Faucet/repairs/replacement

• Garbage Disposals

• Wall hole patching/prep/paint

• Bathroom prep caulking, toilets, electrical

• Small appliance trouble-shooting

• Troubleshooting A/C and Furnace thermostats

• Electrical switches, lights and ceiling fans

Students will learn the foundational concepts of how to quickly turn an apartment into a rentable apartment home during this one-week course study.

Our Students will initially be employees of The Phoenix Staffing while completing the program and internship.  Once they complete the internship of 300 hours, they are eligible for hire with your management company with no additional buyout fee or temp to hire requirement.  They will be thoroughly screened by The Phoenix Staffing before being offered the participation in the program, paid internship and tuition reimbursement.

Classes begin in December 2018 in Phoenix and Las Vegas. More locations coming soon in 2019!