Interview 1

But now you have to conduct Your background screening process And THAT could take weeks!

Problems You Now Face

Interview 2You Need Help NOW!

They continue looking

They Get Hired Elsewhere

They Don’t Pass

They Finally Pass but after a week you already want to get rid of them

Solutions The Phoenix Staffing Offers

Don’t let them leave so they can continue looking.  Let us hire them to our payroll and have them start at your community immediately.  We fund the payroll, process their hours, pay them then bill you at a reduced rate from our retail rates.  There are no minimum hours and NO BUYOUT fee.  Convert them to your payroll as soon as they pass.

Interview 3The Phoenix Staffing Solution…

Your community gets the help NOW!

They can’t interview if they are working

Your Competitor can’t offer them a position

If they don’t pass your screening, we remove them from the community and you never have to deal with them because they are our employees

See #4! If they are not working out, you won’t have to counsel them, write them up, document their action then terminate after 3 issues!


          Problem Solved

Businessman giving thumb up to camera in front of colleagues