Direct Hire Recruiting

Rental Housing Industry Recruiting

Recruiting only the best personnel for your community, management company or industry provider. The Phoenix Recruiters are the premier provider that offers full recruitment service at a fraction of a fee charged by traditional agencies and services exclusively for the Rental Housing Industry.   Every recruiting fee is fixed for each position all with a 30 Day Replacement Guarantee!  Each placement will be National criminal background screen, references verified and industry specific personality assessment tested.  Our unique approach and unmatched resources provides clients with in‐depth industry expertise and efficiency in identifying, locating, and landing top performers. 

  • Budget Conscience– The Phoenix knows you have a budget and we help you so you know exactly what to budget. No hidden or unexpected fees. No percentages. You will be charged a simple fixed fee for each position.
  • Don’t Waste Time – You won’t have to waste your time sifting through hundreds of email resumes. The Phoenix Recruiters will only pass along to you qualified candidate resumes for your consideration.
  • Experts – The Phoenix Recruiters are Professionals who have many years of experience in recruitment and property management. We are not motivated by staffing quotas – our focus is to find the right candidates in order to decrease your turnover rate.
  • Access to Talent – Most of our candidates are currently working but looking for a new opportunity.  We do the matching so you don’t have to go out and recruit, taking you away from your office.

Customer Service Montage

New, Fresh Talent – The Phoenix Recruiters find high level customer service professionals from other industries and train them on the Best of the Basics in Apartment Leasing.  They have the sales and customer service skills already, we add familiarity to Fair Housing laws and Apartment Leasing techniques such as Apartment Terminology, Etiquette. Dress for Success, Telephone Techniques, Meeting and Greeting, Gathering Information, Community Tour Presentation, Closing and Business Liability.  They now can Rise Above the Rest!

Screened and Qualified – We pre-screen applicants to ensure you have a peace of mind that comes from having accurate reliable information. We conduct reference checks, National criminal background checks and industry specific personality assessments.

Support – You may have a recruiting department that simply needs a helping hand. We have an application processing program that is ideal for companies that only want to delegate portions of their recruiting activity.


Recruit talent from other customer service focused industries and train in the techniques for real estate.

The Phoenix Recruiters Search Process

Initial client meeting
The Phoenix Recruiters will meet with the hiring client to outline search requirements, timelines and strategy and get an idea of the corporate culture. We will review the job description and discuss.

Deeper client analysis
The Phoenix Recruiters will then begin a more thorough analysis of the hiring company, identifying key roles and assets for the benefit of the candidates

Search strategy
The Phoenix Recruiters will begin an analysis of the market, outlining key companies they may wish to research for talent, and documenting all avenues that will be exploited in order to gain access to the top talent in the marketplace. Our research tools that form part of the search strategy will often include our own database, previously conducted market analysis, alternative internet sources such as social networks, and of course, our own network and contacts.

Name generation and candidate identification
Within our search strategy, the process of creating an industry/function wide map of talent and an extensive list of potential candidates is known as ‘name generation’ or ‘talent mapping’. After we have a number of high potential candidates listed, we will begin qualifying the potential targets and identifying whether they are suitable candidates.

Approach, qualify and interview to create a short list
The Phoenix Recruiters will conduct a series of internal meetings will continue throughout the candidate identification process and the number of potential candidates will be reduced to 5 at most. This shortlist is achieved through detailed interviews that discuss the specifics of the job, and explore the candidates’ background, competencies and interest in the role.

Basic referencing, present short list to the client
Before any candidate is presented to the client, The Phoenix Recruiters will complete basic background checking to verify their qualifications and career background. Provided there are no problems (modifications if there are) the shortlist will be presented to the client.

Narrow to 3-5, thorough referencing
Following meetings at the previous stage, the client will work with The Phoenix Recruiters to narrow the candidate shortlist to just 3-5 potential candidates. At this stage The Phoenix Recruiters will begin thorough reference checks, personality assessments and criminal background screening and provide final thoughts on strengths and weaknesses about each candidate.

Offer and negotiation 
After the hiring client conducts a series of interviews and consideration of external references, the client will select their preferred candidate and the process of salary and offer negotiation will commence. The Phoenix Recruiters can act as a mediator in this process to ensure both parties’ needs are being met or the client is welcome to control themselves.

Onboarding and integration
Finally The Phoenix Recruiters will assist with the integration (onboarding) of the successful candidate into the workplace – the degree of involvement varies depending on the wishes of HR and agreements made earlier in the search process.